Häufig gestellte Fragen

Where can I park, how do I find parking lots and how much does it cost?

You can use the parking lots that belong to the hotel which are located in the back and in the front of the hotel and also in front of the two garages on the left hand side of the entrance.
Costs: The use of the hotel´s parking lots is free – which is very rare considering the central location of the hotel. However, it is not possible to make any reservations for parking lots. If all the hotel´s parking lots are occupied, there is the possibility to park in the street of the hotel or the streets around it (the area where there are parking options around the hotel is called „Grüne Zone“; price for 1 day: 7€; available at the ticket machines which are located directly on the streets).

How do I get to the city centre the fastest?

You can take the tram way with the number 1 which will take you directly to the main square of Graz (takes about 9 minutes). Enter the tram way at the stop called „Teggetthoffplatz“ which is located two minutes away from the hotel. Exit the hotel, turn left and follow the street to the intersection. Take a left onto „Hartenaugasse“ and follow the tracks of the tram way for about 50 metres until you arrive at the stop.

How do I buy tickets for the tram way and what time does the last tram leave?

Tickets: you can buy them directly at the ticket machines inside the tram way (payment with coins or by card). On week days the trams are going until about midnight; on weekends there is a night line every half hour until 2.30 am.

How far is it to go into the city centre by foot?

Just about 20 minutes; through „Leechgasse“, „Zinsendorfgasse“ and the beautiful park of Graz.

How do I get to the main university?

By foot, takes about 5 to 7 minutes. Walk through „Leechgasse“ until „Sonnenplatz“, take a right until you arrive at the main building of the university.

How do I get to the hospital?

By foot, takes 5 to 7 minutes. Exit the hotel and turn right, walk until the end of the street and across the little bridge. Turn left onto „Schanzelgasse“ and follow the street until the end where you will arrive directly at the hospital.

Is there a place where I can get breakfast nearby?

Yes, there are several cafes and bakeries within just a few minutes walking distance.

Is there Wifi in the hotel? How does it work and how much does it cost?

Yes. It is free and you can find the password in your room or at the reception.

How do I get to the airport from the hotel?

By train (enter the train at the central train station of Graz and go directly to the stop called „Airport Graz-Feldkirchen“).
By bus (there is a bus which goes directly to the airport and leaves at „Jakominiplatz“).
By taxi.

Where can I do laundry?

At the laundromat which is located at „Griesplatz“.

Are pets allowed? How much do I have to pay for them?

Yes, pets cost €15,00 a day.

Check in, Check out:

Check in between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.; check out before 11 a.m.

Are there good possibilities to go for a run near the hotel?

Yes, there are plenty of nice routes you can take.

Go for a run to the „Hilmteich“ where you can also find the „Leechwald“ – a beautiful forest with lots of options to take a walk or go for a run.

Go through „Hartenaugasse“ and „Liebiggasse“ to a little hill called „Rosenhain“ where you have a nice view of the city and a cozy café („Café Rosenhain“).

Go through „Leechgasse“ to go for a run in the beautiful park of Graz.

How do I get to the central train station?

Take the tram way with the number 1 (enter it at the stop „Tegetthoffplatz“) and go directly to the stop „Hauptbahnhof/Central train station“; takes about 20 minutes to get there.

How much is it for a child to spend the night in the spare bed?

0-6 years old: for free in the parent's bed

7 years or older: €29 in a spare bed